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Simple Garage Door Repair

02/10/2014 Back To Blog

Garage Door RepairOccasionally, your garage door will not function exactly the way it should. This is not necessarily a cause to call in a professional since many basic garage door malfunctions can be simply fixed.

Opening by itself:

Sometimes your garage door can open and close by itself. This isn’t usually some complex malfunction, but rather someone in your vicinity using an access or security code similar to your garage door opener. This causes radio interference with your receiver. If this has become a problem, changing your opening code will prevent it from happening. Check your manufacturer instructions for specific details on how to change the code on your model of opener.

Garage doors not fully closing:

If the door reaches a certain point before going back up when you are trying to close it, there could be a problem with the safety sensor. This sensor is a safety feature of most electric openers, preventing the door from closing in the event of an obstruction. Check to see if any objects are in the line of sight of the sensor. If this does not resolve the issue, it may be that the lens needs a clean. Dirt, dust or other forms of debris can build up on the lenses and trick the sensor into believing there is an obstruction. Clean the lenses and this should resolve the problem

Transmitter not responding:

If nothing happens when you press the button on your transmitter, you may need to check the power source. This may simply be a case of changing the battery in the fob. Remote controls have different requirements for batteries, so you should check your manufacturer’s instructions for battery details and instructions on how to change them.

If you are in any doubt about these or any other issues, garage door repair Jamaica professionals will be able to assist you.

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