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Below you can find the best tips about garage door maintenance. Learn how to ensure safe operation.

Constant lubrication is a must

For a fully functional garage door, experts at Jamaica suggest lubricating the axels and rails. Make sure that they are very tight and secure. You also have to lubricate the springs and rollers. Household oil would already suffice.

Dealing with wooden garage doors

It’s important to paint your wooden garage doors inside and out. This will keep it protected over a long time. If you see gaps and cracks, you need to caulk them right away. Maintaining wooden doors is expensive, but it’s good for your home.

Unplug the opener while on vacation

Our experts recommend homeowners to unplug their automatic garage door openers when going on vacations. Though they can only be opened with your remote or by an access code, unplugging the garage door opener will ensure even more that the door would not be breached by outsiders.

Selecting garage door hardware

Purchase the right material that best suits your garage and home. You must consider your budget before purchasing. Check the quality, durability, and warranty of the hardware. If the warranty is good, it only means that it is made to last longer and there is no need to replace it frequently.

Garage door risks should be taken seriously

It’s important to caution all members of a household not to stand by or walk under a moving garage door, regardless door type or make. There’s no specific door type that can be considered free from possible accidents. Likewise, when examining a garage door for possible defects, the door should be carefully secured.


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